Friday, January 20, 2012

003 ♟ Mime : The Duel

Picture above shows the looks of a mime artist which is common as a street-performer. The black and white colors are a reference to the old-time movies, the time when there is no sound applied to the movie, and the dialogues are replaced with cue cards instead.

Mime comes from the Greek word, "mimos", which means imitator or actor. Sometimes, language is not expressed just by speaking, but by body language too. Only with some movements or acts which everyone understands well to deliver a message, this makes mime a good way to communicate in a fun and interactive way. Sometimes, mimes are also assumed as a silent comedy, which is mostly common to the comedian legend, Charlie Chaplin.

For this task, we chose "The Duel" as the title of the short mime. "The Duel" tells about a guy, who loves to flirt girls around him. Then, a tough guy came to prove that he deserves to get the girls than the weaker guy. A humorous fight ensues, and the victor claimed the throne at the final round with an unexpected luck...

Who will win the duel? The tough, or the weak? Brace yourselves, enjoy the mime:

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